Welcome to the most beloved district of Turin

An early XXth century fine art nouveau building is the place where today we welcome travellers.

You could be in Turin for a concert, or a Juventus football match or even to study at the University “Politecnico”, our goals are always the same: We like to make you feel at home, we want to see you come here again.

This is La Crocetta, one of the town’s most elegant and beloved districts. Here you really are in Turin.


There are places where you pass and there are places where you live, for a little or a longer time.

We want to offer something special: places where to stay well and get a feeling of warmth and familiarity, not to feel strangers in passing, but temporary residents.

And this is the Orologio Living Apartments, to feel at home, while away from home.


We thought to add something more to our proposal, something useful, reserved to our guests.

Ideal for...

Our structure is perfect to:

  • Who wants to stay in Turin during the weekend but the usual hotel rooms are too small and needs more space and at the same time convenience.
  • Students that have to go to the Politecnico . In fact we are very close to it and we have suitable prices.
  • Who wants to assist to sports events in the Olimpic Stadium or to concerts at Palalpitour .

Offers for your stay