Our Tips

What restaurant here at La Crocetta?

When it comes to good food, Turin, knows its business. Its rich, longstanding tradition has been complemented by novelties sometimes even audacious, earning it a well-deserved reputation. Quality can be found at any level, even in the cheapest places.
Even pizza is very good here, thanks to a sizable wave of immigrants from the south of Italy, who have brought with them their secret recipes.
In the surroundings we can recommend three restaurants, all good and reasonably priced.
We can even book a table for you; and remember to tell them you are a guest at L’Orologio; they will gladly grant you a 10% discount.

Trattoria Torricelli

via Evangelista Torricelli, 51 (a 5 minute walk from here)
opening hours: 12-14.30 and 19.30-23
phone 345 871 9183
closed on Sundays

A family operated pretty little restaurant serving delicious dishes of the local tradition as well as of Abruzzo, home of Domenico the cook, who is often seen greeting his guests at table.
If you like fish, this is the right place: very good raw fish and unrivalled lemon swordfish.
can’t make up your mind? ask about the dish of the day; you won’t regret it.
It might not be the cheapest place in town but prices reflect the quality of the dishes and of the friendly and accurate service.

Ristorante Crocetta

via Marco Polo 21 (a 7 minute walk from here)
opening hours: 12.30-14.30 and 19.30-22.30
phone 011 597789
closed on Sundays

The restaurant has many regular customers, so if you wish to dine there, it is better to have a table booked well in advance. Both meat and fish are very good and well presented: the very tender brasato al barolo, and a seafood-salad worthy of the best seafood restaurants are both worth a try. Vegetarians will enjoy the light, crispy and scented fried vegetables. The service is attentive without being pretentious, portions are generous and prices in the medium range.

Ristoro 28/3

via Pigafetta 56/D (an 8 minute walk from here)
opening hours: 12:30- 23 from Monday to Friday; Saturdays 19:30- 23.00
closed on Sundays

Rather than a “restaurant”, they define themselves as a “deli shop with tables and chairs”.
The place is nice and cosy, with a nice collection of vintage items. The food is good, with local products as well as fish (you should really try baccalà [salt-cured cod] ravioli served with Taggia olives and cherry tomatoes). Reasonably priced.

…and on Sunday?

Many restaurants are closed on Sundays. Luckily there are some really good pizzerias around here. Although there are currently no special arrangements, prices are very reasonable and the quality is out of question.

These two are our favourite:

Libery (via Legnano 14, a 15 minute walk from here. Phone 011 454 6040). Very good dough, well leavened and accompanied by microbrewery beer which is just as good.

Emporio Gastronomico (Via Amedeo Avogadro 2, a 20 minute walk from here. Phone  011 562 9026). Well baked, light dough pizza, but also good dishes of the regional tradition and some fish. You can also dine outside, at the tables in the sheltered arcade.

The Apericena

For those between the 18s and 60s, it has become an indispensable rite to end the day in a good way: staying with your friends, you are really satisfied spending less than going out dinner: it is a perfect appointment for every day of the week.
This is how it works in Turin and here at Crocetta you will have a lot of choise. Our favorites? Art Café (Corso De Gasperi, 25) and Mixto in Corso Castelfidardo 34 / A. The Art Café has a beautiful dehor, while at Mixto you will find a little New York atmosphere, good music and great pizza.

Don’t lose this souvenir

Gastronomic, of course, because with the food (the good one) is always a beautiful figure.
Do you know the agnolotti? Here they are also called gobbi and are the most representative pasta in our region. Similar to the ravioli shape, but with a different filling: no vegetables, but a tasty bruised beef cooked in red wine.

If the idea tastes you can buy them here:

Pastificio Baracco (course De Gasperi 43, 0 minutes walk from us). Their fresh pasta is really great.

It’s always time for an ice-cream!

In Turin we don’t miss anything, so also ice cream parlors are great.

Around Crocetta we recommend two of them, both of which are great: Siculo (via San Quintino 31) is a little hidden, but you will find it easy, especially in summer, for the waiting row (with lots of numbers). Luckily the service is very fast, the prices are honest, the ice cream really good. Having seen the name, you can imagine that the granite are also great. Indeed, more: awesome!
In addition to propagating traditional tastes they always look for new flavors, such as jasmine, beer, celery. And then, the tuft of whipped cream on top is always offered to you.

If you want to take a walk, stretched to Mara dei Boschi (via Claudio Luigi Berthollet 30); here the ice cream is really ice cream, handmade, with seasonal fruit and good milk. But even those who can’t drink milk, there are great tastes, starting from the marott, jumbo-jumbo in a ice cream version. A real drug. The place is small, but luckily ice-cream and walk are a perfect match. Nice idea, at the entrance, the mega blackboard where the kids (and the big ones) bundle with the colored chalk.

And now the tip of the tips

Do you know that one of our favorite chocolates is just 100 meters from us? Odilla Chocolat (via Fratelli Carle 38). The choice between chocolates, pralines and sweets is immense; so, if you don’t know what to choose, you could fill twice the small trays.
If this is a gift, ask for a package, you will not regret it!